Laser alignment



Reduced wear, optimal efficiency

The pump motor shaft is a crucial component, and in order to achieve optimum efficiency from your pump and reduce wear and tear, the shaft must be aligned correctly. A Laser alignment from Grundfos gives you a little extra return on your pump investment by considerably extending your pump's service life, as other components are not damaged because of shaft misalignment.

Laser alignment relies on laser optical technology to align the motor shaft perfectly to a fraction of a millimetre, ensuring optimum pump efficiency. Laser Alignment is primarily targeted at long-coupled pumps such as NK, NKG and HS. It is also used for fire systems and may be applied to long-coupled pumps from other manufacturers.

A correctly performed Laser alignment increases your pump's efficiency and reliability while reducing energy usage and operating costs in your installation. As the pump's service life is also increased, the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of owning and operating the pump is also lowered. Another side-effect of lowering pump vibrations is that pump noise levels are also lowered.


  • Reduced energy usage and operating costs due to increased efficiency and reliability
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost (LCC) due to longer service life
  • Reduced pump wear and vibration
  • Lower noise levels


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