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Alpha Solar
ALPHA SOLAR is an electronically controlled circulator pump for all kinds of thermal solar systems with either variable or constant flow rate.
ALPHA1 circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
GRUNDFOS ALPHA1 is a complete range of circulator pumps. The pumps are energy-optimised and comply with the requirements of the EuP directive EuP 2015.
ALPHA2 circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
ALPHA2 is the best pump to withstand the tough conditions in a heating system, and with four newly added features, it just got even tougher
ALPHA2 L OEM circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
The ALPHA2 L variant features integrated differential-pressure control, enabling adjustment of pump performance to the actual system requirements. The installation of a GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 L pump will reduce the power consumption considerably, reduce noise from thermostatic valves and similar fittings, and improve the control of the system.
ALPHA3 circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
The ALPHA3 is our newest circulator for domestic buildings. It is of the renowned Grundfos quality and guarantees easy installation, world-class energy efficiency and reliable operation in the toughest conditions.
BM 4", 6", 8" high pressure booster modules
Grundfos BM booster modules
BMP – booster module piston pumps
Grundfos BMP, booster module piston pumps.
BMS booster modules - reverse osmosis and filtration
The BMS range is a completely new range of booster modules mainly used for reverse osmosis and (ultra-)filtration applications that improve efficiency compared to earlier ranges.
Chicago and Yeomans Dry Pit Pumps
Heavy Duty Dry-Pit Solids Handling Pumps