Highest total efficiency solutions


To reduce lifecycle costs in the wastewater transport network, Grundfos offers SE/SL wastewater pumps with the highest total, wire-to-water efficiency yet seen in the industry.

S-tube impeller technology ensures no compromise between free passage and high efficiency, reducing the risk of blockages, maintenance costs and downtime.

The patented SmartTrim impeller adjustment makes it possible to return the pump to optimal performance on-site without having to dismantle the pump. This keeps efficiency high and reduces downtime.

Monitoring and controls (Dedicated Controls) and internet-based supervision (Grundfos Remote Management) can be fully integrated into the pumping system.

The technology and benefits from our no compromise approach to high total efficiency solutions are available here, where you can see how we built the highest total efficiency currently available into the SE/SL wastewater pumps.

You can also read our technical articles that explain how lifecycle cost calculations in wastewater installations can realise huge savings over time for the wastewater company and about the importance of maintaining reliable pump operation at the same high level year after year. Contact Grundfos for more information.

Technical articles
Why the time is now for S-tube®

Why the time is now for S-tube®

The Grundfos S-tube® impeller is designed to transport an increased volume and diversity of wastewater over longer distances while using less energy and transportation fluid

Understanding IEC standards and wastewater pump motor efficiencies

Understanding IEC standards

Today no legislation enables a wastewater pump with an integrated motor to be IE3 compliant – and we want our customers to know that

Lifecycle costs for wastewater pumps

Lifecycle costs for wastewater pumps

Lifecycle cost calculations in wastewater installations can realise huge savings over time for the wastewater company. In this regard the pump system plays a major role.

Reliability and lower LCC

Reliability and lower LCC

A reliable pump operation is a must when dealing with wastewater and this reliability must remain at the same level year-by-year.


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