Decentralised wastewater treatment and water reuse


Tomorrow's concept - available today - smaller than you can imagine.

Ever increasing environmental requirements call for changing wastewater treatment. A BioBooster solution comprises technologies with a high level of modularity and flexibility. Therefore, it can be customised and scaled to your exact needs now and in the future.

Offering a packaged system, which is a modular, standard product, means that BioBooster can move from idea to realisation in just a few months. In case of relocation or resale, BioBooster is easily transported to its new location on an ordinary truck.

Our dedicated approach, combined with state-of-the-art remote monitoring, means that a BioBooster solution offers high reliability, automated operation and, maybe more importantly, it requires hardly any involvement from you.


Grundfos BioBooster

Dedicated business approach

We have stepped through the doors of various production sites within the food & beverage segment and are now able to offer future-proof solutions to match the specific needs each manufacturer has. We always take into consideration increasing requirements and need for capacity increase.

Our unique technology ensures high water quality so the water can be reused for service purposes at the production site.


Decentralised solution

Replacing the need for heavy up-front infrastructure investments in piping and pumping stations, Grundfos BioBooster’s decentralised treatment plant can be placed in remote areas located far away from centralised municipal wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater is treated at the point source of pollution, thus contributing to a sustainable environment.

The treatment plant is odourless, which makes it ideally suitable for residential areas. Treatment range in capacity is of 500 to 5000 inhabitants. Based on Ultra Filtration processes, the treated water is bacteria-free, ensuring superior water quality suitable for water reuse, with full nitrate and phosphor removal.


Utilising Ultra Filtration to deliver high water quality

Innovative industrial and municipal wastewater treatment based on the ultra filtration technology.

·         Compact biological wastewater treatment delivered in modular units

·         Based on Ultra Filtration (UF) principles which remove bacteria from the water

·         Price competitive, pre-engineered components of high quality and fast delivery time.


Cleaner water - greener environment

We bring waste water back to life by treating the waste water to such purity levels that it can be reused. Whether for technical purposes or in recreational areas, water reuse is a sustainable method of protecting the local aquatic environment.

There are additional advantages of water reuse. E-coli bacteria are removed from the waste water making it safe for irrigation. Nutrients, however, are not removed from the treated waste water and therefore contribute to the growth of the various crops. This can further reduce future costs for fertilisation.


In control of wastewater to protect people and ecosystems

In control of wastewater

A whitepaper - efficient solutions for treatment of wastewater.

Next-generation wastewater treatment

Next-generation wastewater treatment

Technical brochure concerning next-generation patented MBR technology.

BioBooster enables increased production for Arla Foods

Case story - Arla Foods, Vimmerby, ...

Boosting wastewater treatment to meet demand.

Private-Public Innovation Project

Cases story – Herlev Hospital, Denmark

Private-public innovation project.


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