Solar thermal systems


Meeting the challenge of greater system integration

HVAC system technology is developing quickly, and Grundfos solar thermal systems meet the challenge of ensuring greater system integration.

Grundfos SOLAR circulators are specified for the following solar thermal appliances:
• Pressurised systems
• Drain back systems
• Thermosyphon systems with boosting of the potable water pressure
• Charging Domestic Hot Water (DHW)
• Combining DHW supply and heating systems
• Using potable water tank with integrated or external heat exchanger
• Using bivalent, buffer- and stratification tanks with or without freshwater modules
• Using absorption and adsorption heat pumps with phase change storage tanks or solar cooling

Grundfos SOLAR circulator characteristics

The hydraulics for Grundfos SOLAR circulators is optimised for lower flow so that only minimal flow adjustments are necessary.

To meet the specific system performance required, the housing and impeller design will be selected according to the duty point of the dedicated solar system.

• Fit for hot and cold antifreeze media containing glycol
• Motor protected against condensed water by drain holes
• Cataphoretically coated cast iron housing
• Ambient temperature to integration into systems up to 70°C
• Performance parameter: Head up to 14.5 m Flow up to 5 m³/h
• Electrical compatibility with existing PWM solar controllers