DHW kit systems


Contributing to ever smaller DHW modules and higher customized comfort

For domestic hot water (DHW) systems, Grundfos supplies side-mounted circulators that are self-controlled, stand-alone and that react on changing flow demand from the heat consumers.

Circulators for DHW kits are typically used for:

  • Domestic hot water recirculation systems
  • DHW charging
  • Combined DHW supply and heating
  • Charging of potable water tank with integrated or external heat exchanger
  • In fresh water modules charged by a bivalent or buffer tank
  • In hot water recirculation kits

Grundfos circulators for DHW kits are characterised by:

  • Small integrated circulator design
  • Reduced size and production cost of the module
  • No ambient temperature constraints (EN 60335)
  • The resilience to heat enhances the possibilities for system integration enormously. Grundfos Circulators are built for up to 70°C ambient temperature
  • Comply with drinking water regulations
  • 130/180 mm housings are made out of NIRO or PPS approved for drinking water
  • Meets different capacity demand for boiler system

Circulators for varying demands with different use and power consumption for either single family houses or heating kits installed in commercial buildings. The Medium circulator range is a well-fitting platform to benefit larger sized kit systems with the product efficiency required

System demand

For any system demand

The product range includes a wide selection of Circulators for different system capacities up to 12,5m and 6m³/h.