Boiler systems


Meeting the challenges facing the agenda of the boiler industry

The boiler industry faces the constant challenge of needing to deliver smaller and more efficient products. Grundfos meets these challenges and provides small integrated circulator design to reduce size and production cost of the module, and without ambient temperature constraints (EN 60335), which enhances the possibilities of system integration enormously.

Grundfos boiler circulators are specified for integration into these boiler appliances:

  • Gas boilers – condensing or low temperature
  • Oil boilers – condensing or low temperature
  • Biomass boilers – with or without return temperature raising, with or without buffer tank
  • Micro-CHP boilers – with cogeneration of heat and power
  • Used for space heating
  • Combining space heating and DHW supply
  • Co-generating of heat and electricity

Circulators integrated in boiler systems are characterised by:

  • Small integrated circulator design
  • Reduced size and production cost of the module
  • No ambient temperature constraints (EN 60335)

The resilience to heat enhances the possibilities for system integration enormously. Grundfos Circulators are built for up to 70°C ambient temperature

Efficient performance

This range contains asynchronous and high efficiency ECM circulators. High Efficiency Circulators use up to 87 % less electrical power than conventional constant-speed circulators and up to 68 % than conventional speed-controlled circulators and already fulfil European Ecodesign requirements in 2015, EEI ≤ 0.23, EN16297/3 or -/2

Meets different capacity demand for boiler systems

Circulators for varying demands with different use and power consumption for either single family houses or heating kits installed in commercial buildings. The Medium circulator range is a well-fitting platform to benefit larger sized kit systems with the product efficiency that is really needed

Performance Control

Either externally controlled by digital pulse-width modulation (PWM) low-voltage signal or internally controlled in constant

Intelligent system integration