Total reliability

In the world of pumps, reliability is everything. No one wants to worry about malfunctioning pumps, they just want a comfortable home. Make use of our 60 years of experience and offer your customers the ALPHA2 - a tried and tested industry benchmark with more than 3 million units already installed worldwide.

ALPHA2 – reliability like never before

The ALPHA2 is designed to run smoothly throughout its entire life cycle, even under the most demanding conditions. It comes packed with features such as advanced hydraulics and intelligent control modes, making it the most reliable pump on the market.

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Extreme reliability demands extreme testing

To guarantee its reliability, the ALPHA2 has been put through an extreme testing process, exposing it to conditions that by far exceed anything it will ever meet in your customers’ homes. We call it HALT (Highly Accelerated Limit testing).

During the HALT process, the circulator is exposed to extreme temperatures from -100 to 200 degrees Celsius, vibration stress and a range of other demanding tests. Without exceptions, the ALPHA2 passed every test with flying colours.

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