High efficiency

Pumps make up an incredible 10% of the world's total electricity consumption, simply because most of them run inefficiently. We have made it our mission to change this. With a Grundfos high efficiency solution you will not only save your customers money, you will reduce their environmental footprint, as well.

ALPHA2 – Unmatched energy efficiency

Running on as little as 4W, ALPHA2 is your most efficient choice of domestic circulator. It offers the lowest EEI (energy efficiency index) of any comparable pump on the market, exceeding EuP 2015 demands of 0.23 osv. An ALPHA2 will reduce your customers’ electricity bills by up to 10%, using 87% less energy than your average older circulator.

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Energy efficient technologies

AUTOADAPT: By analysing the consumption patterns of your customers, AUTOADAPT enables the pump to adjust to changing demands. This way it only runs when it needs to, drastically reducing energy consumption.

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TÜV SÜD - Best in test

An independent test conducted by respected German technology consultant TÜV SÜD concluded that ALPHA2 was the most energy efficient circulator on the market. Compared with six other brands from the world’s most well-know pump manufacturers, ALPHA2 had the lowest energy consumption of all.

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Best product of the year 2014


Learn why the ALPHA2 won the title of “Best product of the year 2014” at the prestigious Plus X Awards in Germany.

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