Grundfos Product Center - Pump sizing and engineering projects

Grundfos Product Center is the online sizing and selection tool that lets you find the optimal solution for every project. With all information collected in one place, you can easily compare and evaluate lists of Grundfos products while you're on the go. So no matter the stage of a project, Grundfos Product Center helps you make the right choice faster.

Key benefits for engineers: 

  • Instant access to product information
  • Available for tablet or mobile devices      
  • Search and size pumps quickly
  • Save time finding spare parts       
  • Calculate the most efficient pump
  • Share and manage project data 


Grundfos Product Center - find the most efficient pump setup

How to use our engineering tools for pumps - 4 topics

Watch our 'how to' video series and discover how to make your workday easier with Grundfos Product Center - your personal toolbox for smarter and better engineering. 

Sizing & replacement


Sizing and replacement for pumps

Whether you want to size pumps by application and design, or find the right spare parts, Grundfos Product Center makes it easy. Watch this video series and discover how to quickly access the information you need – in one, convenient place.

Watch how to size and replace a pump

Sharing project data


Easy sharing of project data

Grundfos Product Center lets you create and save data in a personalised folder making it easy to share and manage your projects. In this video series, explore how to size, save and evaluate pump projects in one customised location.  

Watch how to share project data

Searching for product information


How to select the right pump

Grundfos Product Center allows you to get the product information you seek in an instant, from data-light BIM assets to detailed pump documentation. Take a look at this video series and see how simple it is to download the data you need.  

Watch how to search product information

Calculation of energy efficiency


Calculation of energy efficiency for pumps

Calculating energy consumption can be time consuming but Grundfos Product Center makes finding the most efficient pump solution simple. Watch our dedicated video series to help you calculate, compare and evaluate based on life-cycle cost (LCC).

Watch how to calculate energy efficiency of pumps

Watch how you can use Grundfos Product Center & tools on the move

Grundfos Product Center - work smarter on the go

Have you ever needed Grundfos product information while on the move? Grundfos Product Center is available for computers, tablets and mobile devices. Watch the video and see how to get quick and easy access to everything you need in or out of the office.

Grundfos Product center - pump engineering tools