Case Study: Milk Processing Plant, Turkey

65% reduction in energy usage

Turkey’s leading dairy company, Sutas, needed to improve energy efficiency at one of its two major Turkish processing facilities, as part of its ongoing drive to improve sustainability and reduce costs.

The challenge

The challenge was to pinpoint and remedy inefficiencies in the plant’s pumping systems, cut energy costs and improve the stability of the processes. It was also important to reduce expensive ongoing maintenance requirements.

The solution

Grundfos’ energy team carried out an Energy Check of pumping systems at the plant, to identify inefficiencies in the system and poorly performing pumps and suggest possible remedial actions. The survey identified problems with the chiller evaporation pump system that was hugely inefficient and required high levels of maintenance. They suggested that Sutas should invest in a modern Grundfos system, costing AED 110,000, which would reduce estimated energy costs by over AED 700,000 every year – paying back the original investment cost in just 2 months! As a result of the change, which also produced a 60% space saving, maintenance costs have been significantly reduced and process efficiency has been increased.


Total energy savings of 2,054,940 kwh/year (65%); Reduced maintenance costs; improved process efficiency.

Milk Processing Plant, Turkey
Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel, Dubai

Case Study: Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel, Dubai

Estimated energy saving of AED 90,000 per year 
This impressive 5-star hotel in central Dubai features more than 480 guest rooms and 9,000 square feet of event space. Energy bills were found to be out of line with other hotels operated by parent company, Marriott.

Water Pumping Station

Case Study: Water Pumping Station, UAE

24% reduction in energy usage
Handling around 60,000 cubicmetres of waste water a day, this municipal Water Pumping Station in the UAE was inefficient, expensive to operate and required a high level of maintenance to maintain process security.

Dubai World Central, Dubai

Case Study: Dubai World Central, Dubai

Secured water supply
With an ultimate annual capacity of 160 million passengers, DWC is set to become the largest airport in the world. Problems in the system supplying fresh water to the complex were causing frequent breakdowns and noisy operation, affecting staff and travellers alike.