Domestic cold water products

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If you want the best comfort in your home, the obvious choice in water solutions is Grundfos. Our range of premium products will provide you with perfect water pressure all over the house or allow you to install a second bathroom anywhere in the house.  

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Perfect water pressure makes good homes great

Suffering from low or inadequate water pressure in your taps and shower? Our range of booster pumps easily solves the problem and improves the comfort in your home. Regardless the size of your house and the number of taps you will never have to worry about inadequate water pressure again – even if you are taking a shower while the tap in the kitchen Is running and the car is being washed outside all at the same time.

Reliable wastewater drainage

With the SOLOLIFT2 you can install bathrooms completely independent of gravity drainpipes without compromising on efficiency. The compact lifting station simply collects wastewater and pumps it to the next pipe with a downward slope. And there’s more. Service can be carried out in no time and, in addition, it’s a clean job as the pump and motor can be lifted out in one unit. 

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