Breaking the Barrier in Dosing

Smart digital



The new Grundfos SMART Digital XL DDA and DDE diaphragm dosing pumps enable accurate dosing of virtually all chemicals. The new models extend the performance range of the acclaimed Grundfos SMART Digital range, offering a wide range of application options and delivering process safety, flexibility, and user friendliness.

Accurate dosing of chemicals is a crucial part of production processes in many different businesses. From drinking water and wastewater treatment to industrial processing in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food & beverage
, dosing exactly the right amount of chemicals is important in order to reach process targets, and in order to lower operation costs while ensuring process safety and reliability.

Since 2010, the acclaimed Grundfos SMART Digital range of dosing pumps has provided reliable, safe, and economical dosing with industry-leading accuracy. The new SMART Digital XL DDA and DDE pumps extend the range, delivering a dosing flow of up to 200 l/h and a pressure of up to 10 bar while enabling safe, flexible, and user-friendlyoperations.

Safety through accuracy and intelligent monitoring

The diaphragm dosing technology used in the SMART Digital XL pumps enables them to deliver an accuracy of repeatability of ±1.5% of the set point and ±0.1% of full scale. This makes it possible to achieve savings on process chemical consumption. More importantly, it means that the pumps contribute to consistent process outcomes. Additionally, the SMART Digital XL DDA includes features that improve process control, such as built-in flow measurement, automatic dosage adjustment to actual operating conditions, and automatic deaeration during pump


Smart digital

Flexible enough for any installation, anywhere

With the SMART Digital XL, flexibility is built in. The entire performance range is covered by only three variants, and there are few limits to what can be dosed:
The diaphragm is resistant to virtually all chemicals, the pumps can dose high-viscosity liquids (up to 3,000 mPas), and the deaeration features on the DDA allow dosing of degassing chemicals. All pumps accept supply voltages from 100 to 240 V at 50 or 60 Hz, and the control cube can easily be modified to face left or right.The SMART Digital XL range provides a wide selection of communication and control options – from analogue, pulse, level control, and external stop on the DDE to advanced communication options over Profinet IO, Modbus TCP or Profibus DP via the Grundfos CIU Fieldbus system on the DDA.

Easy set-up and operation

Operating the SMART Digital XL models is very easy. The SMART Digital XL DDE features an intuitive wheel for setting the dosing flow, and pump status is shown using
LEDs. The SMART Digital XL DDA features a backlit graphical display showing a self-explanatory menu that can be displayed in 28 languages. Using the click
wheel, the user can quickly and easily access menu items and change pump setup. The background colour of the display changes to indicate pump status, which
means that the operator can check pump status even from a distance.The SMART Digital XL pumps require very little maintenance. The membrane and other robust
pump features mean that the service intervals are 8,000 operating hours at 100% operation. At 30% operation, the interval is an impressive 20,000 hours.

In short, the new SMART Digital XL DDA and DDE deliver accuracy and reliability, are flexible enough for any application anywhere, are easy to set up and use, and
require very little maintenance when in operation. For more information on the SMART Digital XL DDA and DDE pumps, contact your nearest Grundfos dealer or