Prevention of Modern Slavery

Prevention of Modern Slavery Act

Our commitment to respect Human Rights extends to critical topics and specific laws and regulations. Learn more about our response to legislation such as the UK Modern Slavery Act but more than anything to increase transparency and share our journey.

Grundfos Human Rights Policy

Grundfos Human Rights Policy

We recognise and acknowledge that corporations have the responsibility to Respect Human Rights. Our commitment to respect Human Rights is communication across the organisation through our values, group policies and Code of Conduct.

Prevention of modern slavery 2016

Prevention of Modern Slavery 2016

One of our initiatives in 2016 was to train a group of employees in China, Denmark, India, Mexico and Russia in the basics of Human Rights. 

Prevention of Modern Slavery Act 2017

Prevention of Modern Slavery 2017

We conducted a pilot onsite human rights impact assessment (HRIA) of one of our facilities in China and significantly increased the number of supplier sustainability audits from 15 in 2016 to 97 in 2017.