Sustainability at the core of Grundfos’s Contractor event

April 28, 2019

Contractors from Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain

Driving the sustainability agenda, Grundfos hosted its first ever event specifically for contractors from the Gulf states of Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. ‘Energy costs make up around 85% of the lifetime costs of a typical pump system, so persuading end-users to adopt new high-efficiency pumping systems saves them money over the pump system life’, was the key message from Grundfos.

20 specially invited contractors from the three countries were flown into Dubai on 23rd - 24th April for the two-day event, which started with visits to a leading UAE waste water treatment facility in Ras al Khaimah and a five-star hotel in Dubai. In both sites, they were able to see first-hand how ‘intelligent’ pumping systems were significantly cutting energy and maintenance costs for the end-user, as well as helping them meet sustainability targets.

On day two, visitors had a tour of Grundfos’s factory in JAFZA, Dubai and also attended knowledge sharing sessions led by Grundfos’s technical experts on key business areas; from waste water, applications and controls, to commercial building services and energy optimization and retrofit. These sessions underlined the benefits to both the end-user and contractor of working with a full line supplier like Grundfos.

‘Working with individual suppliers inevitably means ‘price-focused’ piecemeal solutions, whereas Grundfos looks at the bigger picture and will provide solutions that benefit users in the long run.

“Whilst they may appear initially more costly, savings of 60% and more in energy usage quickly repay the additional cost and then produce big savings year-on-year. Plus, there are major benefits to both client and contractor in having a single manufacturer taking responsibility for the performance of the whole system”, said Grundfos Sales Manager, Aaron Fernandes.

The visitors were shown the full range of products and services that Grundfos can supply, from Energy Checks through to design and commissioning and a full range of after-sales services, both directly and locally via the company’s network of authorised partners throughout the Middle East. 

For Grundfos, the event provided an opportunity to engage with customers at different stages of the project and to build a rapport with the participating contractors. It was also a chance to reinforce the sustainability message and its importance in achieving national targets and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 13, relating to access to safe water and climate change.

Feedback for this event was excellent, with visitors keen on continuing dialogue with the Grundfos team.