Retrofit Academy focusing on service & troubleshooting

June 18, 2019

Retrofit Academy attendees

Grundfos hosted over 15 industry professionals from public & private sector on the 12th June at its facility in Dubai to highlight & educate them on the energy saving potential retrofitting old pumping systems has to offer.

Driven to help meet Dubai’s 2030 vision of a 30% reduction in water and energy
consumption, and UN Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 13.

Held under the theme of sustainability and meeting Dubai’s 2030 vision of 30% reduction in water & energy consumption, and UN’s SDG 13, there was high level of engagement from the attendees from Dubai Municipality, FEWA, and Nakheel.

The training focused on the problems caused by old and inefficient pumping systems that are currently widespread throughout the region’s water supply and sewage infrastructure, agriculture sector and industrial processes, and the potential savings that could be achieved by retrofitting with the latest automated high-efficiency pump systems.

Grundfos has been working closely with its partners to establish and train teams of specialist engineers to carry out Energy Checks. These checks, free of cost, use existing pump data to help building owners and facility managers identify opportunities to drastically cut energy consumption, resulting in cost savings.. Click here to schedule your free energy check.

 “When considering replacement pumps, companies generally fail to realise it is not
the initial cost, but the whole of life cost that is important,” said Tolga Candan, Retrofit Lead for Grundfos. “A massive 85% of lifetime cost for any pump is down to the energy it takes to run it, so improving efficiency is key.”

“In fact, savings in electricity bills and maintenance costs generally pay back the investment in under 2 years, making replacement a very sound business investment.”