Oman Pumps welcome visitors to a brand new look

December 15, 2016

Oman Pumps welcome visitors to a brand new look

Capturing the true spirit of the Grundfos identity and experience Oman Pumps is proud to welcome their visitors to their new retail showroom.

Located in Ruwi the launch of the new showroom is a major landmark in the history of Oman Pumps and is a significant step into their entry into the retail segment.

The showroom location was carefully chosen to be in the prime business area of Ruwi which enables customers quick and easy access to the Grundfos retail products, and at the same time, establishing a smooth pathway between customers and production facility.

The showroom offers a comprehensive range of residential pump solutions from Grundfos supported by professional team of experts to help and advice on ecommended product choice and it's co-related benefits.

Suitable product display, user friendly showroom layout and ample stock vailability ensures that the clients get the best possible service.