Grundfos Turkey engage partners at Annual Dealer Meeting

March 29, 2017

Annual Dealer Meeting

Held at the Cratos Premium Hotel at Cyprus, the atmosphere and ambience was perfect for the Grundfos Annual Dealer Meeting.

Henning Sandager, Area Managing Director opened the conference  with thanking the partners for their  effort and stressed the importance of keeping up the fight for growth despite unpredictable and difficult times. It is important to engage Grundfos partners once a year at these annual meetings and deliver an insider view of Grundfos products and vision for the pump future.

Annual Dealer Meeting ended up with a very informative workshop which theme was 2017 will be a rough year and challenging for all of us. Market share wont grow but we as Grundfos wants to grow and gain market share.

This challenge was discussed and shared in regards to which product group to focus on, expected growth, which activites have to be implemented to which customer group.