Grundfos pumps is everywhere for the Olympics

June 07, 2004

TV transmissions will be sent out to the entire world from this building – Grundfos contributes by creating a perfect climate for the reporters.

Grundfos’ contribution to making the Olympic Games a success for those spectators watching it all from their favourite armchair is 60 large NB one-stage standard pumps and TP circulator pumps which form part of a very important air conditioning system.

Grundfos punps everywhere
More than meets the eye… Grundfos is present everywhere behind the scenes when the curtain goes up for the world’s greatest sports event in the Greek capital. Olympic Games-related buildings have been fitted with Grundfos pumps in 66 per cent of those cases where the required sizes and types form part of our product portfolio.

The pump systems are highly useful ina vast number of situations. They are key components in the technical systems in the radio and television transmission centre, in the press centre, in the Olympic City where the participants live, and in all sports arenas housing the competitions. Here, they are used for a number of different purposes, including fire fighting, pressure boosting, drainage and wastewater discharge.