Grundfos Engineering Day 2011

February 06, 2013

Grundfos Engineering Day 2011-When business and engineering intersect

Grundfos Engineering Day 2011

Egypt Cairo - October 26th, 2011
Consecutively with a remarkable success, Grundfos Egypt highly managed to run its second event of the sort in the middle of Cairo at the luxurious Conrad Hotel challenging extra number of guests coming from different backgrounds and cultures.

For 2011’s event, while keeping the same target of challenging businesses with the latest innovations and solutions, interactive engineering activities and workshops, a newly branding aspect was brought to life receiving new interested guests from social media fans of students and newly promising future clients.

Grundfos Engineering Day 2011

Event’s guest speakers from Denmark, Turkey and Egypt presented such challenging materials to attendees involving commercial building services, water utility, branding movies and case stories delivered in two delicate halls for the two different audiences each in its place in parallel, all guests were scheduled to mix and meet during coffee breaks and lunch overlooking the Nile River while exchanging their experiences and knowledge gained during the day.

Grundfos Engineering Day 2011

A full day of knowledge transfer, pleasures, hard working and interactions was crowned with its own winners, valuable prizes of high tech. Ipads, Digital cameras and trip invitations to Grundfos Denmark and Germany were delivered and as usual for the huge event, all guests are winners not only walking out with prizes in hand but also the valuable knowledge gained, creative giveaways and connections acquired.

Guests’ feedback form on the event was rated with 88% on excellent level and the event was concluded as major success and defiantly a new standard for the engineers in Egypt.

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