Grundfos Egypt Engineering Day 2010

February 06, 2013

Egypt Cairo - October 13th, 2010 Egypt, the land of the most ancient civilization and where Grundfos recently opened their local establishment. Grundfos Egypt took the opportunity to both celebrate the remarkable day with its valuable invited guests and to share knowledge of new technologies and solutions. Overlooking the River Nile and the great Pyramids, specifically at Conrad hotel downtown in Cairo the capital, Grundfos held the huge event of the Engineering day, it’s on October 13th, 2010, a day to remember.

Engineering Day 2010
Grundfos Egypt Engineering Day 2010

The event started neatly early morning while close to 200 guests smoothly reached Grundfos registration point, where the Grundfos Egypt staff leading guests to the appropriate ballroom while enjoying a soothing relaxing ambience. Coffee and light snacks were served for guests to enjoy while the ballrooms were fully seated. The ballrooms were divided into two sections to support the planned parallel sessions. First session belongs to Water Utility guests and the other for Commercial Building Services guests where the trainings and workshops took place. Inside the rooms and outside in the hall way several Grundfos pumps and demonstration units installed to support the subjects with the latest technology that would be discussed during the event.



Engineering Day 2010

By an opening speech delivered by Mr. Mike Otten, Grundfos Egypt General Manager the first official engineering day 2010 was kicked-off. Mr. Mike Otten made his commitment for the engineering day by stating “this event is not about selling pumps, but to provide our support by the knowledge, technology and tools. For us it is important that the engineers for today can deliver the needs of their customers they will have tomorrow by being prepared for the future trends”.

Engineering Day 2010

In the Water Utility section Eng. Ehab Eshak, Grundfos Egypt water utility segment manager, started the session with breaking news - explaining systems and their functionality aspects to limit massive losses due to water leakage and the power consumption with savings features that reaches up to 30% of energy consumption and clean water leakages.

Supported by an introduction movie, of a new concept named Demand Driven Distribution the visitors gained direct solutions for long historical challenges. Followed by, Mick Eriksen, Grundfos HQ, Application Manager Water Utility, explained more about the history of Grundfos and water wastes by highlighting Grundfos’ approach in supporting pumping systems design is more than just selecting a pump.

Many tools where presented how the support from Grundfos goes beyond the pump into systems and flow simulations.

Engineering Day 2010

The parallel session for Commercial Building Services was started by Mr. Jakob Løchte, Grundfos HQ, Business Development Director Emerging markets, and Mr. Torben Nielsen, Grundfos HQ, Application Manager HVAC, both took turns to explain how Grundfos can do so much more for commercial buildings in aspects from design towards operational savings for maintenance and electrical consumption.

One of the highlighted topics was about Grundfos electronic controlled E-pumps and the effect of having them installed in buildings. After both sessions in Water Utility and Commercial Building Services questionnaires were handed out for guests to review and fill.

During a coffee break for the guests to relax, meet and greet other colleagues, Dr. Shafiq Hammam and Dr. Mohamed Reda Al Fransawy were interviewed and stated that they were highly impressed by the content and quality of the whole event.

Right after the coffee break two new parallel sessions did start. In Water Utility, Mr. Jens Skødt , Grundfos HQ, Business Developer Water Utility various details about Grundfos’ dedicated controls were being discussed.

On the comments that were raised by attending guests in regards general high market prices of controls, Mr. Mike Otten commented by saying that he agreed in respect of PLC technology, however all Grundfos’ devices and controls is based on a different platform and the DC are inexpensive compared to what they offer in terms of protection, functionality, savings for service and utilities.

Engineering Day 2010

At the level for pump training Mr. Jerry Szofer, Grundfos YCC – USA, Product manager Morris MEGA pumps concluded the session with practical examples and cases of the benefits for customization and application examples operational in the USA.

At the Commercial Building Services room, Mr. Torben Nielsen swiftly discussed the efficiency of the water pumps in stabilizing the water temperature for specific amounts of times (Thermal energy storage) while Mr. Jakob Løchte and Mr. Barkin Percin, Grundfos Turkey Product specialist Fire systems in their turn concluded the topic by talking about Grundfos-Peerless’ fire pumps both in UL/FM and MFPA20 standards.

At 12.45 P.M. sessions were over and guests were directed to Jayda restaurant area overlooking the River Nile and the Pyramids for lunch break while lunch ended at 2.00 P.M where all guests headed back to ballrooms for workshops.

The workshops were held again in both sections (Water Utility and Commercial Building Services), guests were asked to complete a group tasks on pump selection and prepare a life cycle cost calculation. After 1 hour of hard work the solutions where presented with a few clicks using the Grundfos WebCAPS Tool

Ballrooms and binders were distributed on all tables, workshop certificates were handed out to all guests with each guest name on it along with USB flash memory stick filled with valuable engineering tools and materials. The questions results of 22 winners were announced by Mr. Mike Otten and these people received special invitation, based on their questionnaire grading, to visit next year Grundfos factories in Hungary, Germany and Denmark.

The Guest’s feedback form on the event was rated with 94% on excellent level and the event was concluded as major success and defiantly a new standard for the engineers in Egypt and Libya. Both the invited speakers from the USA, EUROPE and Grundfos Egypt made the commitment to enroll again a Engineering day in 2011.