Grundfos Egypt celebrates the "Water World Day 2011"

February 06, 2013

These days Egypt is witnessing a public awareness wave in almost all fields of life from politics to economics to science and with these trends comes the ‘’celebration of the world water day’’.

Water world day 2011

The event was hosted by ‘’El-Sawy Cultural Wheel NGO’’ in the heart of Cairo in Zamalek Area, the place is known as a cultural meeting point not only for Egyptians but also for lots of European and American professors, journalists, etc residing in Cairo.

Saving and Clean water was a common goal for all attendees, everyone who wanted to share their ideas, show their efforts on ground or seek support was there for this ethical event. it was a pure Be, Think, Innovate event to praise the water drop.

Water world day 2011

Visitors of Grundfos Egypt booth were amazed by finding their dreams and ideas about saving and treating water already translated into technical solutions, GEG staff was there to assure that being responsible for a world facing nature challenges is a must and a lot can be done to protect, treat, and find water.
Around first week of March we came across the event advertisement through our e-Marketing tools and it was viewed as a good response for water2life calls for participation in such an international day.

Grundfos innovative technology brochures, booklets and videos about water treatment units, desalination and renewable energy pumps, along with our diverse staff, and the interactive games exposed in booth were enough to attract everybody to know about the company and its CSR activities, also our staff was surprised with the quantity of groups and organization seeking Grundfos support to present technical solution and support.

Water world day 2011

The day ended with a presentation about the Grundfos demand driven distribution DDD system, GEG Deputy Manager Mr. Ehab Eshak gave a lecture about the system and joined the panel discussion in the River hall with Mr. Abdel Kawy Khalifa – Chairman of Egypt water holding company and with Dr. Mohsen al Arabawy ‘’the head of the institutional reform of water resources and irrigation’’ and Dr. Khaled Abu Zeid ‘’the chairman of the Egyptian water partnership’’ where they all had an open discussion with audience about new technology in saving water, treating water loss in the river nile, Egypt’s share of nile river, using nano technology to treat water, increase public awareness and address negative habits in water usage, solar energy pumps to pump water from aquifers. The media was also present and recorded the Q&A open discussion where Ehab had the chance to spread the word to a wider audience following news television channels.

Finally the panel members expressed their enthusiasm of their governmental and non-governmental agencies in having Grundfos as an active player to help in supporting the initiatives of saving, treating water and supplying clean water to communities lacking proper water networks in Egypt and they requested to build a partnership through scientific exchange based on innovative technical solutions for a better water and better Egypt.