Grundfos Egypt celebrates the “KAM Awards Honoring Day” of 2010’s outstanding distribution partners

February 06, 2013

On the 31st of March, 2011, and during an impressive ceremony held at Radisson Blu Hotel in Cairo that is not too far from Grundfos Egypt HQ in Sheraton area,

KAM Awards Honoring Day

Grundfos Egypt celebrated the first distribution partners honoring day for the year of 2010 across all segments, it’s the first formal ceremony of a kind the “ Key Account Management Awards”, which is meant to be emerging annually for the coming years ahead, the event is honoring a one full year long of distribution partners’ performance and efforts exerted sectors wide, ceremony started at 7:00pm with a light cocktail party for all distribution partners to enjoy and exchange greetings.

Amid the excitement, all attendees started to move to the ceremony area where all were well seated and the celebration begun, an opening speech was delivered by Mr. Mike Otten, the managing director of Grundfos Egypt expressing his deep gratitude and appreciation towards distribution partners’ outstanding performance during last year and his wishes for retaining same level of performance for the coming years, Mr. Otten went on with clarifying about awards’ essences and deep into distribution partners performance. KAM awards extend to include four main awards and each distribution partner apply to its essence was honored accordingly,

KAM Awards Honoring Day

Brand Performance Award, a dedicated honor presented to a distribution partner fully committed to Grundfos’s branding community rules and color schemes, award went to “Modern Water Services”

Customer Services Award, a dedicated honor presented to a distribution partner with a proven outstanding after-sales service to end clients, award went to “Technical Egypt”

Growing STAR Award, a dedicated honor presented to a distribution partner managed to achieve a huge jump in sales figures, award went to “El Deheiby” Co.

Business Differentiation Award, a dedicated honor presented to a distribution partner with a close eye focusing on all Grundfos’ products across his segment, presenting full capacity range of Grundfos’ products, award went to “United Engineers”

Mr. Mike Otten delivered awards to distribution partners while taking memorial photos till the time dinner was served where attendees joined it while exchanging laughs and taking photos to witness and remember the day of honor.