Grundfos Academy hosts SEWA engineers

March 28, 2018

SEWA training

Grundfos Academy hosts SEWA engineers

As part of its campaign to improve sustainability throughout the Middle East’s water systems, Grundfos arranged a special training event in March for engineers from Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), at its Dubai Training Academy.

The event was carefully planned to cover a number of key areas of importance to SEWA as it faces the dual challenge of increasing demand and reducing groundwater supplies.

After a tour of the company’s famous pump studio, with its focus on water-based  pump solutions, the group were introduced to Grundfos’ world leading technology and values through videos covering issues including energy optimisation and the company’s digital product centre.

Grundfos Gulf General Manager, Kostas Poulopoulos, then opened the formal training programme, which included presentations by Grundfos experts on a range of issues from energy optimisation and system connectivity to pressure management and the latest water treatment technologies, including Grundfos’ new generation of advanced CLO2 water disinfection treatments.

Throughout the presentations, the engineers were given opportunities to see at first- and how Grundfos’ focus on innovation and advanced pump technology is now cutting waste, saving energy and improving the reliability and effectiveness of today’s water handling systems.

Presenters focused on the key developments such  as remote system management and demand driven pressure management controllers which help to reduce leakage and water loss in more complex integrated multi-pump systems.

Guests were then given a tour of the Grundfos Gulf operation to round off the day. The objective of the event was to pass on expertise and knowledge to enable the SEWA engineers to make smarter choices when upgrading or installing pumped systems.

Tolga Candan, Grundfos Business Development Manager – Energy Opt. & Retrofit, commented that “Knowledge is power, and in Grundfos we are committed to pass on our expertise to help authorities make smarter choices. This is a revolution and a necessity in our millennium where the speed and knowledge are the key drivers.”

Eng. Afra Alowais, SEWA’s Chief Efficiency Officer, commented, “SEWA has undergone a transformational change in recent years, having successfully increased and stabilized power capacity, which has supported business growth throughout the region. Through strategic relationships with more than 35 international companies, like Grundfos, we constantly exchange information and knowledge. The Grundfos event has provided a valuable insight which our engineers can now share with developing countries in the region, helping them to leapfrog into best practice on water treatment and management.”