Go Remote with Grundfos

October 23, 2017

Go Remote

Go Remote with Grundfos

Controlling pumps in continuous processes just got a whole lot easier with Go Remote, a free App from Grundfos that lets users take control and download data of their Grundfos E-pumps using a smart phone, laptop or special i-Pod remote controller.

Go Remote’s user-friendly interface gives users full control over every aspect of pump performance, allowing them to change settings at the touch of a button. Using radio and infrared technology to communicate directly with the pump, it feeds-back live data on pump status – everything from duty point and power consumption to speed and temperature. It will even send back alarms and warnings if things start to go wrong.

The most comprehensive mobile platform on the market, Go Remote will save time and make pump control easier whether the user is dealing with just one pump or a group. The simple and intuitive interface allows networks to be configured or commissioned remotely, automatically creating pdf installation reports, allowing profiles to be checked and created, and making it simple to copy configurations from one pump to another.

Designed to work with all Grundfos e-pumps, Go Remote also provides easy-to- follow tips and guidance, whilst the built-in PDF generator stores important notes and data, such as pump reports and configuration data, allowing them to be shared with colleagues quickly and safely.

Free to download from the App Store or Google play, Go Remote is suitable for use on any Android or iOS mobile device, using a mobile interface that can be ordered directly from Grundfos. Alternatively, the company offers a ready-to-go alternative, in the form of an i-Pod pre-loaded with Go Remote and built-in mobile interface.

To ensure that users are always up-to-date with the very latest in mobile technology, the Go Remote application will be updated with new features and functions as they become available.