Danish design award for the Grundfos Comfort Circulator pump

June 22, 2000

On June 22, 2000, Grundfos received the Danish Design Award 2000 for the Grundfos Comfort circulator pump. The jury's reason for this award:

"The Grundfos Comfort circulator for domestic and light commercial use keeps the hot-water constantly circulating to ensure that it is instantly available at every tap or outlet. Easy-to-use 24 hour timer switch and energy-saving thermostat ensure 10% reduction of water amount and 30% energy reduction. The good ecological and economic features of the pump are combined with simple, user-friendly design. Easy to install and adjust, the pump is remarkable for a sturdy and honest expression."

Danish Minister of Business and Industry, Pia Gjellerup, on behalf of Danish Design Centre, handed out the award to Grundfos Group Communications Manager, Sune Salling-Mortensen, representing the group of designers of the pump, Jens K. Schultz and Henning Kristensen from Grundfos and Henning Therkildsen from 3part Design.