Sales release of KJI KSN pumps DN500, DN600, DN800

March 11, 2016

 Sales release of KJI KSN pumps DN500, DN600, DN800

Sales release of KJI KSN pumps DN500, DN600, DN800

Dear All!

Since the acquisition of Keum Jung Industrial Co. Ltd. (KJI) by Grundfos in year 2008, the KJI KSE/KSN sewage pump range has served as an alternative for the Grundfos sales companies, when appropriate solutions within the Grundfos
S-range has not been possible. Examples can be:

· Medium and High voltage motors

· Duty-point outside S-range

· Material grades outside S-range

An updated and renewed range of KSN pumps is released for sales as per February 1st 2016. The new KSN range shares the same drive-unit platform as the Grundfos KPL propeller and KWM mixed-flow pumps, and offers hereby a wide range of high-efficiency, compact and low-weight pumps, with a number of innovative features. The highest motor-power available in the standard KSN range is 650kW, with larger powers available on request.

At this point of time, KSN is now prepared with the following flange sizes and hydraulic performance:

· DN500: Low, Medium, High pressure

· DN600: Low, Medium pressure

· DN800: Low, Medium pressure

The KJI KSN are heavy-duty pumps, designed for handling larger amounts of un-screened sewage in pumping stations and other large-scale wastewater system, in the wastewater transport network or wastewater treatment plants. Examples of other applications can be water intake, pumping of process water in desalination plants, pumping of cooling water in process plants and industries, process water for fish farming, and pumping of liquid within the marine and offshore industry.

Production of the KSN pumps takes place at the new and modern production facility, at Grundfos KJI, GwangJu, Republic of South Korea. One of the important assets of this factory is the impressive test-bed, certified by Lloyds, where all KSN pumps is tested to the highest standards. Witness test can be arranged on request.