How can India solve its urban water issue?

Indian symposium takes on urbanization and waterPHOTO: Rainwater harvesting expert S. Vishwananth discusses urban water challenges with Tao Bindslev and Lars Lundbye of Grundfos. He was one of 12 thought leaders at the Grundfos Urban Water Symposium in Mumbai.
Video: Water and Urbanization

Indian symposium takes on urbanization and water

The world’s top two mega-cities with the most critical water challenges lie in India: Mumbai and Delhi. How can we help tackle the problems, setting an example for others?

This was the starting point of daylong discussion and debate

VIDEO: Thought leaders debate urban water issues

at a symposium in Mumbai, India, in early 2013.Grundfos gathered 12 thought leaders from the water sector in an open forum in the style of the classical Greek discussion events. The participants included Indian rainwater harvesting guru S. Vishwananth, Dr. Uday Kelkar, Director of the Indian operation for NJS Consultants Co. Ltd., Grundfos Group Vice President Tao Bindslev and Ranganath N. Krishna, Managing Director of GRUNDFOS Pumps India Private Ltd.

“Targeting the dynamics and needs of the fast growing cities of the world is critical for our ability to innovate solutions for the water challenges facing us,” said Tao Bindslev in his opening statement.

The symposium explored several paths to more sustainable water provision, such as pricing, Public Private Partnerships, decentralized technologies and solutions and challenging the model of 24/7 piped and pressurised water.

“The needs in the marketplace are getting more and more complex,” says Lars Lundbye, a Grundfos strategist who arranged the event. Grundfos has thus opened up its processes for dialogues with thought leaders of the world without the pressures of specific agendas, he says.

“Bringing together thought leaders for a deep, meaningful dialogue is a necessity if we want to have real insights and innovative approaches to the complex challenges in water,” he says.

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"Symposium delegates explored several paths to more sustainable water provision, even challenging the model of 24/7 piped and pressurised water."

PHOTO: A water tank in transport highlights the need for new water supply solutions on the streets of Mumbai.

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