Annual Engineering day

November 02, 2016

Engineering day

Over the past years, Grundfos Egypt has held an annual “Engineering Day”, to showcase latest technologies in the field of pumps, applications and systems, sharing out of the box challenges and solutions in the markets main aspects: Water utility, Building services and industrial market area

2016 marked the affiliation of Grundfos Egypt with Schneider Electric, Bavaria AEON and VIKING, the engineering companies Grundfos has worked with in regards to – Smart integration, setting an to enhance the concept of smart integration between engineering and technological solutions to serve the industrial sector.

The event was held in Nile Ritz Carlton hotel on 31st of October with the attendance of the President of Water and Wastewater Eng. Mamdouh Raslan, as well as the Head of National Authority of Water and Wastewater General Sayed El Ashry. Themed Smart Integrations the day commenced with presentations, panel sessions and workshops with a strong participation of around 400 attendees. Over the course of the day, the five companies showcased their latest portfolio of products and integrated solutions in the fields of buildings, water facilities, smart cities, heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions, firefighting systems, water pumping and wastewater solutions as well as building management systems in order to further enable the application of energy management solutions and boost energy efficiency.

Ehab Eshak, General Manager for Grundfos Egypt said, “Today we bring together 6 leading companies to discuss the challenges facing Egypt and the solutions that when we combine can deliver smart solutions that are efficient and sustainable. such events add value to the customer experience and look to establish lasting relationships.”