‘Intelligent Connectivity’ in the spotlight

August 28, 2018

‘Intelligent Connectivity’ in the spotlight

‘Pumps do not operate in isolation – for maximum efficiency it is essential that the whole system is optimized’, was the key message for attendees at Grundfos’ latest iSolutions training event in Dubai on 15th August.

45 top MEP design consultants, clients and engineers of authorities and ESCOs from across the UAE packed the training event at the Grundfos Academy to hear presentations by Grundfos CBS application experts on controls, pressure boosting, HVAC and wastewater

iSolutions represents an exciting new approach to commercial pumped systems, packing everything from pump, drives, controls and protection, sensors and advanced communication systems in to a single ‘intelligent’ autonomous unit that reacts automatically to changes in demand and supply pressure to ensure maximum system efficiency and reliability. They deliver maximum comfort for building users whilst minimising overall system operating costs and significantly cutting energy usage.

“The significance of this latest development to both building operators and the UAE’s fight to reduce energy usage is massive”, explained one presenter. “Pumps alone currently account for 10% of total Middle East energy usage. Replacing existing pumps across the region with new Grundfos iSolutions could cut that figure by 4% overnight”, he explained. 

After lunch, and an opportunity to network and discuss current issues with Grundfos technical experts and colleagues from other industries, visitors were treated to a tour of the Grundfos Dubai facilities, including Studio Micah, where they saw, at first hand, many of the latest developments from the world’s leading pump designer and manufacturer. 

Feedback from visitors was excellent, with many stating that they were now keen to explore opportunities for iSolutions in their own businesses. As Afra Alowais, Chief Efficiency Officer from Sewa, commented, “what we have learned today is that having high efficiency pumps is not the complete answer, it is how you use and control the pumping system that it important.”