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October 30, 2002
Grundfos awarded for the best environmental report
The Institute of State Authorised Public Accountants and the Børsen newspaper awarded Grundfos the diploma of the best environmental report of 2002.
October 22, 2002
Grundfos helps to clear up the water
The dramatic floods in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic in August took a number of lives and made thousands homeless, while the material damage is provisionally estimated to cost at least DKK 80 billion.
October 11, 2002
Social responsibility takes many forms
It’s nothing new for Grundfos to demonstrate responsibility. Many companies in the group already have a tradition of supporting the local communities of which they are a part. And many Grundfos employees all over the world enjoy the benefits of various schemes that make their daily lives easier.
October 09, 2002
Changes in Group Management
Following the retirement of Grundfos Group President, Niels Due Jensen, and Vice Group President, Poul Vesterbæk, which will take place according to Grundfos policies by the end of this year, new Group President will be present Group Exec. Vice President, Jens Jørgen Madsen, and new Vice Group President will be present Group Exec. Vice President, Carsten Bjerg.
October 09, 2002
Grundfos received certificate for working environment
The first large company in Denmark, Grundfos on October 9 received the certificate of the OHSAS 18001 standard (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).
September 26, 2002
Environmentally Friendly Grundfos Pump Awarded
The Danish Industrial Association’s Product Prize 2002 was awarded to Grundfos on 26 September for its water supply pump SQFlex, which may be driven by solar cells or windmills or a combination of both of these renewable energy sources.
September 16, 2002
Grundfos Student Prize 2002 awarded to French science student
Today, the Grundfos Student Prize was awarded to French science student Manuel Martin, Institut des Sciences et Technique de Grenoble - Université Joseph Fourier.
September 06, 2002
Membrane sewage system good for Great Barrier Reef
Australia ’s first membrane bio-reactor wastewater treatment plant, on Magnetic Island in Queensland, has been praised by environmentalists concerned about the well being of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and has attracted significant local government interest.
September 04, 2002
New vice president - digital dosing
From 1 September Jes Munk Hansen, 34 years, has taken over the responsibility of the Digital Dosing business area.
August 29, 2002
Production of stators for submersible motors will be transferred to factory ...
As part of the transfer of Grundfos motor production, the production of stators for submersible motors will be transferred to the Group's new factory in Hungary by March 1, 2003.