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September 24, 2003
Grundfos Supplier Award 2002 for Finnish supplier of raw materials
High ability to deliver, perfect quality and excellent service are the reasons for selecting Finnish Outokumpu Poricopper OY to receive Grundfos’ Supplier Award 2002.
August 14, 2003
Grundfos notes positive first half of 2003 with strong growth in earnings
During the first six months of 2003, the Grundfos Group achieved a pre-tax profit of 374 million Danish kroner - an increase of 162 million Danish kroner compared with the same period last year.
August 04, 2003
Grundfos only Danish finalist in the European Quality Award 2003
Grundfos A/S, the Danish production company of the Grundfos Group, has been selected for the final in the competition for the European Quality Award 2003 in the category of “Operational Units”.
July 19, 2003
The Grundfos Prize promotes new thinking
Denmark has only little benefit of the resources spent on education, research and development, and so new initiatives are required if Denmark is to maintain its position as one of the wealthiest countries in the world.
July 10, 2003
Grundfos Wins the European Quality Prize for "Leadership and Constancy of ...
Yesterday, Grundfos A/S – the Danish production company of the Grundfos Group employing 3,800 people – was honoured by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) at the EFQM Forum in Helsinki – a highly estimated conference with participation of more than 700 business managers from all over Europe.Competing with a number of other European production companies Grundfos A/S won the special prize for
July 01, 2003
Welcome to our new Group President
By January 1 2003 Jens Jørgen Madsen took over the position as Grundfos Group President.
June 19, 2003
Grundfos factory receives a certificate for good management
Grundfos Electronics, the Danish Grundfos company’s electronics factory in Bjerringbro, has become certified according to the IIP concept.
June 16, 2003
Grundfos wins Internet conflict
At the enforcement court of Milan, Grundfos recently won a case in which an Italian competitor used Grundfos’ globally known name and trademark.
June 12, 2003
Grundfos staff show record interest in the environment
Suggestions from staff at all levels for both minor and major improvements of the environment contribute to Grundfos’ success at documenting continued and impressive results after six years of systematic efforts. In 2002 alone, staff contributed with just under 6,500 suggestions – 2,500 more than the previous year.
May 28, 2003
A Vietnamese village changes its water habits
A Vietnamese village changes its water habits